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  • Onfonia Telecom - a German Company

    Onfonia Telecom is a fast growing wholesale telecommunication services provider established in 2008 in Northern Rheine Westphalia, Germany. We are devoted to deliver best-quality services to our customers in the most effective and cost-efficient way always on time.

  • Onfonia on 4th Central and Eastern Europe Carriers and Enterprises EVENT

    Meet Onfonia at CEE CEE in Opatija Croatia 28.01.2015 to 30.01.2015

  • The Balkans and Northern Africa

    Onfonia Telecom specializes on providing calls to the Balkans and Northern Africa at especially attractive conditions. Besides, we work with all destinations from A to Z around the globe.

  • Low call rates

    Our call rates are reviewed on a regular basis at least once a month to keep them as low as possible. The calls are rated on a per second (1/1) basis for all destinations.

  • Mutual Trust

    We keep our word, which is our commitment. Our customers and suppliers benefit from the capacity management that we apply in our work. It enables us to keep the prices low and to always deliver what we promise.


Welcome to Our Site

Onfonia Telecom is a very fast growing company for providing international wholesale telecommunication services. Our mission is the provision of secure and stable connections at low per-minute prices. Our clients are served with professional services including but not limited to:

  • Wholesale Termination
  • International DID
  • Reseller Solution
  •  Call shop Solution
  •  Retail VoIP Products


I am pleased to say that Onfonia enabled me and my company to minimize the expenses while providing secure and quality communications with my clients worldwide. I will continue my partnership with Onfonia, believing in their professional staff, and their quality services.

Fidan Ferizi
Software Engineer